Jeweler Services - Design Replication



Please confirm with us before purchasing any jeweler services to make sure your piece is eligible for your selected services! Do not purchase without prior confirmation.


This listing is for design replication. This listing is intended to be purchased in conjunction with a ring resizing fee.


Fees for jeweler services are subject to vary depending on the piece. Some pieces may require an additional fee.

Gold Ring Size Increase (up to 3 sizes larger, maximum)

Gold Ring Size Increase (more than 3 sizes increase)

Gold Ring Size Decrease (more than 3 sizes smaller)

Platinum Ring Size Increase (up to 3 sizes larger, maximum)

Platinum Ring Size Increase (more than 3 sizes larger)


Jeweler services are not refundable, and any items that are altered by either our jeweler or yours are considered final sale. No refunds will be granted upon completion of jeweler services; no exceptions.