Founder, GIA Graduate Gemologist

Laura Mae

Laura Mae founded Maejean Vintage over a decade ago! She first earned her B.S. in Education from Millersville University then obtained her Graduate Gemologist (GG) Degree from GIA. She has a passion for colored stones, antiques, & of course jewelry! Laura Mae is a runner and fitness enthusiast, and dog mom to the cutest Chihuahua!

Co-Owner, GIA Graduate Gemologist

Amanda Jean

Amanda Jean is a GIA Gemologist, with an affinity for antique diamonds! She enjoys sourcing one of a kind inventory, and with a Business Management Degree from Temple University, Amanda tends to the "business" side of Maejean Vintage. When not at work, Amanda enjoys gardening, working on her 1920s home, and running with her crazy Aussie pup!

Inventory Manager, GIA AJP

Dahlia Jean

Dahlia Jean is our trusted inventory manager and activities director, as well as a lead listing author at Maejean Vintage. She earned her AJP at The Gemological Institute of America. Outside of work, she is adventuring with her 10 year old, and playing with her four kitties!

Photographer/Digital Marketer, GIA AJP

Jess Lynne

Jess Lynne is our photographer & digital marketer at Maejean Vintage. She loves taking photos of new pieces for the shop and social media. When she’s not at Maejean, she’s probably spending her time swing/ballroom dancing or traveling and exploring new places!

Social Media Coordinator

Heidi Grace

Heidi Grace is our social media coordinator and is responsible for most of the social marketing for Maejean Vintage. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her two sons and her friends. Thrifting is a very strong second!

Administrative Specialist

Becky Lane

Becky Lane is our wonderful office mom, and is truly a gem! After retiring from a career in banking, she is now working at MJV with her daughters. Becky is the best bookkeeper around! When not at work, she loves spoiling her grandson and grand-puppies.

Jeweler & Designer

Macy Alejandra

Macy Alejandra is our Jeweler & Designer at Maejean Vintage. She earned her B.F.A. in Jewelry from the Savannah College of Art & Design, and helps to get all of our amazing vintage pieces looking their best! She also designs MJV's vintage inspired pieces. Outside of the office she is usually visiting her favorite hiking spots with her dog, Olive.