Perhaps the classiest, most timeless gemstone in all of history, the pearl, is making its superiority known once again! Did you notice Vice President Kamala Harris’s pearl necklace at the 2021 inauguration? Or perhaps the pearl choker worn by Kate Middleton to the memorial service of Prince Philip? Or maybe Ariana Grande’s unique choice of engagement ring featuring a pearl caught your eye. We’ve seen an increased interest in the classic June birthstone in the recent year, and rightly so, as this special gemstone deserves a permanent spotlight for its versatility, status, and brilliance. Take a look with us at this special gem!

Strand of Pearls

Most of us first think of a classic strand of pearls when we think of pearl jewelry. These simple, elegant pieces may be one of the most timeless pieces of jewelry there is!

Pearls are remarkable gemstones because they are formed organically. These special gems form as a result of a small irritant making its way into a mollusk (whether naturally or artificially placed there by a human) and getting coated in an iridescent substance known as nacre. While natural pearls are formed without the aid of humans, cultured pearls are kickstarted by humans when they insert a foreign substance into a mollusk themselves.

Source: GIA, Pearl Quality 101 – How GIA Examines and Classifies Pearls

Pearl Clusters

Sometimes the beauty in pearls is best seen when they are displayed together. This pearl basket necklace from the 1960s is one of my favorite pearl pieces we’ve had in the shop!

Because they’re softer and more delicate than many other gemstones, pearls require extra special care when wearing, storing, and cleaning them! While pearls make gorgeous rings, we would not recommend using a pearl in an everyday piece, such as an engagement ring. GIA suggest that you store your pearl jewelry separately and in their own soft cloth bags. Simply use warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth to clean, and use a Q-tip and coconut oil to give them an extra shine!

Source: GIA, June Birthstones

Seed Pearls

Seed pearls make gorgeous halos and accents in all kinds of jewelry. 

We love to see all of the beautiful ways that pearls were used in vintage and antique jewelry. Tiny seed pearls in Edwardian designs, cultured pearls front-and-center in a ring, creamy white pearls paired with colored gemstones, and strings of dainty rice pearls are just some of the ways we’ve seen this stone used in some of our favorite vintage pieces.

Do you have any favorite vintage pearl pieces? Comment below to tell us about it! Looking to add some of these elegant gemstones to your collection? Visit our shop to find the perfect piece to fit your style!

— Jess Lynne 💖

October 29, 2021 — Jess Lynne

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