The words “vintage” and “antique” don’t excite everyone; in fact, we’ve gotten comments from the occasional skeptic about how pieces from other eras are “out of style,” “old,” or remind them of their grandma’s wardrobe. We say there’s no reason for a vintage or antique piece to be excluded from a trendy 2020s ensemble! We love to prove that vintage jewelry has a place in today’s trends with occasional photoshoots in outfits that are both trendy and vintage-inspired! 

While we love to shop popular brands, we wouldn’t be true vintage-enthusiasts without relishing in the art of thrifting! Even much of the clothing that we wear in our styled photoshoots is thrifted, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. One of the best ways to be sustainable in your fashion choices is by buying pre-owned pieces that have plenty of life left to live. It’s one of the reasons we love vintage jewelry! So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favorite pieces from our shop styled for today.

The all-black outfit is a classic look that is a staple in every wardrobe. Arguably one of the best things about a little black dress or a black-on-black ensemble is the fact that there’s always opportunity to add a little splash of surprise color with jewelry!

For this photoshoot, Heidi assembled a neck mess including a gold collar necklace, a gold drop necklace, and a MJV dainty diamond necklace. She also donned a couple of Mid-century gold filled bracelets featuring simulated onyx and blue glass stones, a 1960s onyx bow ring, and Victorian onyx earrings.



The 1970s look is a HOT trend at the moment, and we’re all for styling genuine vintage 1970s jewelry with modern 70s-inspired threads.

The phenomenal Giovanna Brackbill was kind enough to tackle being our model for this photoshoot, and she totally rocked this subtle 70s look! Her golden neck-mess consists of an Egyptian-revival mummy pendant, 70s zodiac charms, and an Italian horn necklace. Also included in her shoot are a stunning tiger’s eye ring, mesh bracelet, Retro gold filled cuff bracelet, and a beautiful and symbolic Mano Figa charm.



We’re thinking back-to-school with these preppy looks! Heidi and I loved pairing bright and sparkly gemstones with these collared shirts and light academia-esq sweaters.

Some stars from this photoshoot include a 1970s opal ring, cultured pearl rings, modern drop pearl earrings, a heart locket, a 1980s pink sapphire ring, and a 1960s chunky gold diamond band.



A couple of us visited the Lancaster Farm Sanctuary at their annual auction and gala in July, and we were excited to wear some of our favorite vintage jewels from our shop! Amanda wore a stylish gold jumpsuit and piled on vintage gold to compliment it.

Amanda’s jewelry look includes a huge statement opal & diamond ring, a 1930s carved cameo ring, a 1950s Cat’s Eye Moonstone ring, yellow gold hoop earrings, an antique brooch conversion necklace, and a 1950s scarab bow brooch.



Beach season is almost over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a late-summer trip or dream about next year! Heidi modeled some beach vibe-worthy jewelry for us and we’re head over heels for this look!

Heidi’s beach-ready look includes cultured pearl hoops, an antique slide chain, a gold and turquoise treasure chest charm, a gold palm tree charm, and a reversible Retro hammered charm.



We’re always looking for innovative ways to use vintage and antique jewels, so stay tuned for more vintage/modern mashups! Comment and let us know which of these looks is your favorite!

— Jess Lynne 💖

October 29, 2021 — Jess Lynne

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