Spring has finally arrived and we're taking a closer look at some of our most spring-worthy vintage jewels! What are the best styles, gems, and motifs for the season of new life? Let's see!


With nature in bloom, spring is the perfect time to highlight your wardrobe with floral patterns and motifs.

Art Nouveau

The flowing lines and realistic nature motifs of the Art Nouveau style were practically made for spring time! We especially love Art Nouveau enamel jewelry for a pop of color.

Pastel-Colored Gems

The pastel hues of turquoise, opal, tourmaline, amethyst, morganite, spinel and more do their greatest work in the springtime when light colors are most enjoyed! Our favorite jewelry to collect in pastel colors are rings.

Butterfly Motifs

Like florals, there is no better time to show off the butterfly motif than springtime, when rebirth and transformation are celebrated!


A true light academia staple, white and luminous pearls add class and freshness to any outfit. Not to mention they are trending in 2022!


Brooches are getting a revival, and we made a video with several ideas for how to style these gorgeous pieces of art. Spring is a great time to wear a brooch as a hair accessory, neckline accent, or light sweater adornment!

What's your favorite springtime jewelry look?

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