Every year, the Maejean team is excited to choose local non-profit organizations to support in the month of January by donating 5% of total revenue. Each team member is invited to choose a non-profit close to her heart. Here are the 2023 picks - keep reading to see how you can join us in supporting these wonderful organizations!

 Amanda's Pick:

"The non-profit I chose this year is United Disabilities Services of Lancaster. UDS offers a wide-range of services for people living with disabilities, who are aging or are injured. My boyfriend has done video work for UDS, and it is amazing to see the important services they offer Lancaster County!"

Dahlia's Pick:

Loving Care Cat Rescue

"I chose the Loving Care Cat Rescue for my non profit this year! They are a local all-volunteer rescue organization, that is dedicated to saving every cat/kitten that comes in their care. Last year I found a young pregnant homeless cat, and one of their volunteers graciously took her in. They found her the perfect forever home, as well as all of her kittens. I feel very grateful to support the amazing work that they do!"

 Jess's Pick:

The Manheim Township Public Library Foundation

"This year the Manheim Township Public Library Foundation is my non-profit of choice. The library was a big part of my venture back into reading this year and I've found a lot of fulfillment and joy in cultivating this hobby. I'm happy to support the library's mission to "inform, educate, inspire, and connect" our community through reading!"

Heidi's Pick:

Lancaster Conservancy

"I chose the Lancaster Conservancy, a nonprofit that protects 50 nature preserves in Lancaster and York County. My boys and I love to hike in warmer months and I hope it is possible to continue to do so for many generations to come. Our planet deserves all the care it can get- it's our only home!"

Laura's Pick:


LOHF's Maternal Mental Wellness Program

"I selected LOHF’s Maternal Mental Wellness Program as my non-profit this year! As a fairly new mom myself, the mission of the program is especially meaningful to me! They work to raise awareness of the importance of maternal mental healthcare, eliminate racial disparities in the field, and provide support services to individuals in need. I am so excited to support this local non-profit which delivers such important care, resources, and services to mothers!"

Becky's Pick:

Lancaster Food Hub

"My non-profit choice to support this year is the Lancaster County Food Hub. They provide free services to meet the basic needs of all humans. They provide food, clothing, and shelter. Now more than ever, our community is in need and many are struggling to make ends meet. It’s very heartwarming that we have a service here that is dedicated to helping everyone! Afterall, no one should go without food or shelter."

Macy's Pick:

Greystone Manor Therapeutic Riding Center

"This year, the organization that I’ve chosen is the Greystone Manor Therapeutic Riding Center. The local volunteer run center offers equine therapy and horse riding lessons to special needs children and adults. I have previously volunteered here, and have family that has done work here for many years– they do an amazing job educating and fostering relationships between their riders and animals!"


You can join us in supporting these organizations by clicking the links above to learn more and donate directly, or by purchasing any item in our shop during the month of January!

December 30, 2022 — Jess Lynne

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