If you follow our shop at all you may have noticed some new faces and spaces popping up on our social media during the last year, and it’s safe to say that Maejean is growing. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we have moved to a larger office space in Lancaster, PA as our team has doubled in size! Every member of our team is hitting the ground running in 2021. I’m here to give you a look into a typical 2021 work day in the office for everyone on our team, and especially to introduce you to the new members and upcoming projects we have here at Maejean!


Meet Heidi, our Social Media Coordinator! Heidi has graced the Maejean team with her bright smile and dazzling personality since August 2020, and much of the stunning content you see on our Instagram and Facebook feeds are her vision. A typical day for Heidi includes creating gorgeous content featuring all the new-to-us pieces in our shop, experimenting with TikTok, and responding to all of your lovely comments and questions on IG and Facebook. She’s even provided us with one of our new favorite office catchphrases - “We love to see it!”

Becky absolutely kills it in our order fulfillment and bookkeeping departments as our Administrative Specialist! In her time at Maejean, Becky has become a master at carefully packaging MJV orders and shipping them with love to every one of our customers. She also brings years of bookkeeping and customer service experience to the team and helps keep our office organized. Not to mention… she’s Laura and Amanda’s mom! There’s nothing like having an official “Team Mom” in the office at MJV!

And then there’s me, Jess, MJV Photographer! I wear a lot of hats at Maejean (let’s be honest, we all do!), but I’m the friendly face behind the camera in all of our product photos and team photoshoots. You’ll also find me creating content, answering your questions on Etsy, writing for our emails and blogs, and curating your daily dose of vintage jewelry inspo on the Maejean Pinterest feed. I absolutely adore finding new ways to capture some vintage sparkle on camera to share with all of you!

Our Inventory Manager Dahlia, now an Accredited Jewelry Professional through GIA, is still hard at work as our head listing author and has recently taken on the creation of many of our handcrafted shaker lockets!

Speaking of our shaker lockets, we are so excited about these 1970s-inspired keepsake pendants! We’ve been customizing them with any combination of gemstones, but we also enjoy listing empty ones to see what our customers like to do with them. Keep an eye out on our shop as we continue to add more shaker lockets featuring various metals and gemstones. Once all of our supplies come in, we may just have the opportunity to create custom gemstone shaker lockets! 😉

That being said, we are unfortunately retiring our beautiful handcrafted MJV birthstone earrings. Laura and Amanda really enjoyed designing these with our jeweler, but we’re making room for new handcrafted pieces like our shaker lockets. We still have a few buttercup birthstone earrings left in the shop - get them while they last!

Our MJV owners, Laura Mae and Amanda Jean, are so excited to have built this team as they now have more time to do what they love best - source more vintage and antique jewelry for our shop! Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, our email newsletter, and here on our MJV blog to be the first to hear about all of the stunning new inventory that we are adding to our Etsy shop in the days to come. Some of these precious pieces go fast, and we don't want you to miss anything. We have a feeling it’s going to be an absolutely fabulous year full of more stunning vintage treasures to share!

October 23, 2021 — Jess Lynne

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