Have you ever stood in front of a mirror trying to pair the perfect necklace with your outfit? Us too. 😅 We'd love to share some tips on our favorite necklace styles to pair with the most common necklines.

As always, there's no hard and fast rule when it comes to styling. If you love the way it looks, go for it! These are just some of our observations about what kinds of necklaces make certain necklines shine the brightest!

Let's start with a classic v-neck. Depending on the depth, the v-neck shape often calls for a long or dangling pendant that fills the space within the v-shape of the neckline. A lavalier pendant is the perfect type of necklace to compliment this shape!

Above: Antique Lavalier Necklace

We find that bar or conversion pendants on long chains look especially striking paired with a deep v-neck.

Above: Antique Amethyst & Seed Pearl Conversion Pendant

Above: Art Deco Diamond Conversion Necklace

For a shallower v-neck, we love the way a small, dainty pendant with a split chain (like one of our dainty diamond necklaces below) pairs, as the way it lays on the neck mirrors the shape of a shallow V.

Above: Handcrafted Dainty Diamond Necklace

 How about the scoop neckline? Whether a shallow or a deep scoop, pearl necklaces or strands of gemstones mimicking the scoop shape can be the perfect touch to this neckline.

Above: Cultured Pearl Necklace

Above: Onyx & Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Similar to the strand of pearls, omega chains (or "gold collar" as we like to call it) with or without a slider charm on it give the same effect. We do prefer this style with either a shallower scoop, or stacked with other necklaces in a neck-mess!

Above: Omega/Gold Collar Necklace

Another style of necklace that suits these tops is the station necklace, which also tends to scoop low with stationary charms or gems dotted along the chain.

Above: Edwardian Station Necklace

Square or straight-across necklines look great running parallel to a square or rectangular pendant, like an Art Deco brooch conversion!

Above: 1930s Art Deco Diamond Conversion Necklace

Sweetheart necklines are so versatile and can be dressed up by just about any style! We especially like the way that festoon necklaces drape and follow the subtle curve of a sweetheart neck.

Above: Festoon Necklace

The oval shape of a cameo pendant can also fit well into the subtle dip of the sweetheart!

Above: 1940s Cameo Necklace

Higher necklines can be tough to pair with a necklace, but we find that the trick is to draw some attention away from the top of the neckline with longer and/or thicker chains. A lorgnette chain fits wonderfully with the high-necked jumpsuit below!

Above: Antique Lorgnette Chain

Are there any important necklines or pendant styles that we missed? Leave us a comment!

August 10, 2022 — Jess Lynne

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