We may be young but we know our vintage jewelry! 

We have over six years experience of selling on Etsy and several years prior to that of selling on other platforms. It's not just our job, it's our passion! We are constantly expanding our knowledge through antique jewelry lectures, our library of reference books, and classes at GIA. 

L a u r a  M a e

Laura Mae founded Maejean Vintage in 2010. Her nickname in the office is Boss-Lady Laura. You can always find her with a big cup of coffee in her hand, listing hand-selected vintage pieces in the shop. Laura is a Graduate Gemologist student at GIA and loves colorful gemstones! Her favorite design period is the Art Deco era - she loves the attention to detail the period pieces boast - who doesn't love romantic filigree?!

A m a n d a  J e a n

Amanda Jean is also a Graduate Gemologist student, with an affinity for antique diamonds (old cuts make her swoon)! Amanda feels a strong connection to Edwardian era jewelry and especially loves Art Nouveau influence and the historical happenings of the time - including women's suffrage! She enjoys photographing new inventory, and with a Business Management Degree from Temple University, Amanda tends to the "business" side of Maejean Vintage. 

D a h l i a  J e a n

Dahlia Jean is the friendly voice that answers all customer inquiries! When she's not in the office replying to your messages, you can often find her at the post office, where she is shipping orders to our customers all over the globe. She lovingly sorts and hand cleans all of our heirlooms. Dahlia has always loved all things vintage, and is especially drawn to Victorian era pieces. Mourning jewelry, antique photographs, and oddities are her passion!


CC  t h e  c h i h u a h u a
Professional Napper

Assistant fur baby CC comes to the office with her mama Laura Mae frequently. She is the office entertainer and professional napper. She enjoys gnawing on dingo bones and sitting up on the work bench so she can watch everyone work :)

We often think we were born in the wrong era! We are drawn to things of the past...


Dahlia Jean, Amanda Jean, & Laura Mae

Dahlia Jean, Amanda Jean, & Laura Mae