Our Team

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Laura Mae, Graduate Gemologist, Co-Owner

Laura Mae founded Maejean Vintage in 2010, fueled by her passion for vintage jewelry and entrepreneurship. She is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with a love of gemstones and anything Art Deco Era! Her nickname in the office is Boss-Lady Laura.

Favorite Gemstone: I’ve always loved sapphires! One of my first pieces of fine jewelry was a triple sapphire ring set in 14k gold, that I received as a gift from my grandparents when I was in elementary school. I think it’s amazing how sapphires can occur in just about every color.
Favorite Jewelry Era:
I adore the Art Deco Era! I love the filigree, geometric designs, and white precious metals which are all prominently seen in jewelry from the Art Deco Era.
My chihuahua C.C. is my pride and joy! She is almost 12 years old, but is often mistaken by others to be a puppy since she is so small. She loves coming to our office to “work” - aka nap on our Victorian sofa or sleep in her dog bed, which is sometimes right on top of my desk.
Random Fact:
I am passionate about fitness! I love running, biking, hiking, swimming, and staying active.
Favorite thing about working at MJV: Inventory acquisition is one of my favorite aspects of the job! I love hand-selecting special vintage heirlooms for our shop.

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Amanda Jean, Graduate Gemologist, Co-Owner

Amanda Jean is a GIA Gemologist, with an affinity for antique diamonds! She enjoys photographing new inventory, and with a Business Management Degree from Temple University, Amanda tends to the "business" side of Maejean Vintage. When not at work, Amanda enjoys gardening, working on her 1920s home, and running with her crazy Aussie pup!

Favorite Gemstone: My favorite gemstone is emerald! Something about the color of emeralds makes me so happy - maybe because it reminds me of Spring.
Favorite Jewelry Era: The Edwardian era! I love the floral motifs, flowing designs, and old cut diamonds.
Pets: I have a sweet little boy kitty named Angus, and an energetic 1.5 year old Australian shepherd named Ruby Jean :)
Random Fact: I inherited my middle name from my grandma, Doris Jean. She was also a female entrepreneur! She owned her own fish shop while raising four boys. I’m always inspired by my female ancestors and their strength and accomplishments.
Favorite thing about working at MJV: Hunting for treasures at flea markets, auctions, estate sales, etc! I love the thrill of the hunt, and saving pieces from being melted.

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Dahlia Jean, Shop Manager

Dahlia Jean is our trusted shop manager as well as a lead listing author at Maejean Vintage. Dahlia loves unique oddities and all things Victorian. Outside of work, she is chasing around her adorable and spunky six year old and studying at GIA.

Favorite Gemstone: All of them! It always depends on what color I am inspired by currently. Pyrite in Victorian jewelry will always be an all time fave though!
Favorite Jewelry Era:
Victorian all day everyday! I have an appreciation for every era and different jewelry trends seen in those eras, but Victorian will always have my heart.
Meow (aka mo mo or mow mow kitty kitty) - my pretty princess Ragamese cat, Kitty Foo Foo (aka Paisley) - my ultra fluffy Maine Coon
Random Fact:
My middle name is Jean after my grandma Jean, just like Amanda Jean of Maejean Vintage! And we’re not even related.
Favorite thing about working at MJV: The never ending inspiration of getting to see jewelry of all shapes, colors, ages, & value!