Sisters. Business Partners. Best friends.

Laura Mae & Amanda Jean, Co-Owners of Maejean Vintage

Laura Mae & Amanda Jean, Co-Owners of Maejean Vintage

Founded in 2010 by Laura Mae, Maejean Vintage has been offering hand selected genuine vintage & antique jewelry to customers all over the globe! With almost a decade of jewelry industry experience & completion of rigorous course and lab work at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America, Graduate Gemologist sisters Laura Mae & Amanda Jean bring knowledge, innovation, and a modern flair to the antique jewelry industry.

Their love for vintage started at a young age and stemmed from weekends spent at their grandparents home, which was built in the late 1700s. The sisters loved playing in the “antiques room”, which was filled with old photographs, antique china, and a white Victorian sofa. Imagining what life would be like in another era has always fascinated & inspired the sister duo.

Antiquing, thrifting, & auction hunting soon became an addictive hobby for Laura & Amanda in their teenage years. The sisters began selling on eBay, flea markets, and Etsy. Before becoming Graduate Gemologists, Laura Mae graduated from Millersville University with her bachelor’s in Science of Education, while Amanda graduated from Temple University, with her bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Maejean Vintage began in Laura & Amanda’s parent’s basement (thanks for letting us take over the house mom & dad!). When their parents finally kicked them out, the sisters moved to a shared apartment where they continued the small business and hired their first employee to help with shipping and social media - Dahlia Jean. As their inventory grew, they knew it was time to move to a more secure work space. They found the perfect location right outside of Lancaster to move their expanding business.

Today, the three ladies are killing the vintage jewelry game, and dreaming up future plans for the business. They would love to start doing more local pop-up events, and hope to someday have an even bigger office space with a showroom for local customers to come in and try on their heirlooms!


We like to think of ourselves as more than just another jewelry business, but a company dedicated to making new memories while honoring the beauty and uniqueness of the past.
— Amanda Jean

Female Owned & Operated

The Maejean Vintage team is comprised of three compassionate, hard-working, and knowledgeable ladies. The women of Maejean Vintage bring their unique passions and talents together to form the vintage brand. There is one thing they certainly all share: a love for vintage jewelry.

It almost felt like fate coming across these special pieces of vintage jewelry, like it was my responsibility to keep them alive (and prevent them from being melted down for their precious metals which many gold buying companies do) and find them special homes where they could become new family heirlooms.
— Laura Mae