Ring Resizing in Layman's Terms

      I decided to touch on a FAQ this week: ring resizing. Maejean Vintage is happy to re-size solid gold (and silver rings with value over $75) through our reliable local jeweler who specializes in antique jewelry. Generally, she is able to downsize rings by a maximum of 4 sizes for $35 and increase the size by 1-3 sizes for $65. Gold and silver rings can be sized up 4 sizes for $75 and 5 sizes for $85 as long as the integrity of the piece allows. For platinum rings downsizing up to a maximum to 2 sizes costs $35, and resizing up to two sizes costs $100, three sizes $115 and four sizes $130. Special considerations: Wide cigar bands (4mm or over) may cost an additional $15. Fancy engravings that need re-created may cost an additional $15. Our jeweler typically completes re-sizing within 1-2 weeks.
      If you decide you would like to purchase a ring with us and use our jeweler's re-sizing services, please let us know before you purchase the piece and we can update the listing to include the re-sizing fee. Of course, the ring could also likely be re-sized locally by your jeweler.
      If you’re like me and are a visual learner, these charts below will show you ring re-sizing in layman’s terms. In addition to the process pictured below, our jeweler also reshapes the ring, tightens and adjusts stones, and then does all of the finishing to blend the added metal in to the ring.

Sizing down:



                                          Image source: https://myjewelryrepair.com/2017/11/ring-sizing-process/


Sizing up:


                                          Image source: https://myjewelryrepair.com/2017/11/ring-sizing-process/



Hope this helps! As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.