Interview with Savannah Tate

We are so excited to formally announce that we have expanded our MJV team from three, to four (five including CC)! Our newest team member, Savannah Tate, is helping with odds and ends around the office, including social media and assisting with managing our eBay shop.

In the next coming weeks, we will be listing tons of affordable costume and silver jewelry on our eBay site at wholesale prices! We are pumped to be able to get more stuff done at Maejean Vintage, and to offer an even larger amount of inventory.

Learn more about Savannah below!


Q: What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own?
My favorite jewelry I own is a pair of my grandma’s diamond earrings that my mom converted to a more modern setting after my grandma passed.


Q: When did your love for vintage begin?
I remember the first time I went to a vintage store. I needed a costume, and my dad really wasn’t into taking me to a big box store. He took me downtown to a vintage store that he used to shop at when he was in high school. The mannequin that was apart of the sidewalk display had faux chest hair glued on it and I was wigged out by that. I refused to go in because I was wigged out by the “weird” display.
    Then in 7th grade I needed a dress for a formal school dance, and being oh-so-much older and enlightened, I wanted something that the other girls wouldn’t be wearing. Back to the aforementioned shop. I found an amazing handmade dress from the late 1940’s — I still wear it to this day for special events.


Q: When you aren’t working at MJV, what can we find you doing?
You can find me creating and experimenting on my jewelry line, Avant Garbage Boutique. I spend a lot of time in lumber yards, sanding and researching, since the majority of my work is out of exotic woods and gems.
    Other than that, you can find me thrifting, planning my wedding, and going on little weekend adventures with my friends.


Q: What is your favorite jewelry era and why?
I really love the Art Deco era. I love the history, geometric shapes, intricate details, and craftsmanship. There’s something so glamorous to me about the times post WWI to me (I blame the Great Gatsby).

All photos by our friend JDUB Photography !


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