Dated Jewels

Isn't there just something extra special about vintage / antique jewels that are dated?  Sometimes the piece will reveal or give clues to the significance of the date. Othertimes, it is not completely clear what the date signifies. Was it a graduation, marriage, birth of a child, anniversary, mourning / in memory of a loved one, or other sort of special remembrance?

Above: Four vintage pieces of jewelry from our shop Maejean Vintage that are dated:

1) 10k rose gold ring monogrammed WHS, dated 1911 2) Sterling silver pendant necklace, dated 1934 3) Vintage 14k yellow & white gold ring dated 1927 4) 14k yellow gold skull cross bone Misericordia Philadelphia Hospital ring, dated 1926


Can you guess what dates these two vintage rings are inscribed with on the insides of their shanks?


'49 (1949) and '29 (1929)

- Created ruby & spinel cluster ring, dated 1949 & 18k white gold diamond ring, dated 1929, both from our shop


Dated vintage jewelry holds an extra special place in our hearts. No mater what the date indicates, the fact that someone took the time to have the the piece engraved or customized speaks volumes about its sentiment.