For the Emerald Lovers

Green has always been my favorite color. It's royal deep color reminds me of outdoor adventures and romance. And diamonds, well who doesn't like them? I recently told my boyfriend that someday I hope to have diamonds on every finger!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 4.41.56 PM.png

I purchased this platinum diamond & emerald ring from Ageless Heirlooms. It has made me the happiest of girls! I haven't gone a day with out wearing it since it arrived in my mail box. To be honest, I started to cry when I opened the ring box and saw it for the first time. I have never owned such a breathtaking piece.

Sorry ladies, this one is not for sale but here are some similarly stunning antique rings with green stones that are available on Etsy:

                     18k Art Deco Diamond Emerald Ring                                                   Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring

                    18k Art Deco Diamond Emerald Ring                                                 Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring

                 Victorian Emerald Diamond Halo Ring                                         Antique Emerald Engagement Ring

                Victorian Emerald Diamond Halo Ring                                       Antique Emerald Engagement Ring

              Edwardian Platinum Emerald & Diamond                                                    Art Deco Emerald Ring

             Edwardian Platinum Emerald & Diamond                                                  Art Deco Emerald Ring

                    Diamond and Emerald Shield Ring                                         Vintage Old Cut Diamond and Emerald Ring

                   Diamond and Emerald Shield Ring                                       Vintage Old Cut Diamond and Emerald Ring

                 Round Brilliant Diamond Emerald Ring                                            Emerald Diamond Platinum Ring

                Round Brilliant Diamond Emerald Ring                                          Emerald Diamond Platinum Ring