The Maejean Time Machine Takes Us Back to the 1800's


We’re so excited to share something we’ve been dreaming about for awhile -- a slightly spooky Victorian photoshoot! We had talked about the idea loosely for awhile, but when we came across a late 1800’s Victorian sofa on Craigslist in late summer, we knew we had to get the ball rolling. We teamed up with our longtime friend Julie, of Julie Liz Photography, to make this dream come true.

On an unseasonably warm October day we met at the office to get ready. Another long time friend, Cheyenne, owner of Loose Ends salon (coming in January 2019), transformed us into another era. It’s been two weeks and we’re still talking about by how incredible our hair looked.

After getting decked out in our favorite MJV Victorian Era and Edwardian Era pieces, we headed to a wooded area with our couch and began shooting. Our heavy, black dresses and the unusual heat certainly made us appreciate our ancestors who lived like this daily with no refuge of air conditioning to be found.

The icing on the cake were the flowers by a local florist and friend, Dalanna. She spent time researching bouquet styles and really embraced our vision. She created three stunning bouquets for us with flora she foraged or grew in her yard! We were seriously impressed.

Flowers by @mrs.haldeman

Flowers by @mrs.haldeman

We’re so thankful to be surrounded by so many talented, and willing, creatives. This is one of our favorite shoots we’ve done and at this point don’t know we’ll top it!

Click through through the photo gallery to see all of the amazing pictures Julie took!

Some featured Maejean Vintage jewels from the shoot:

Photo 1 : Statement onyx ring, Garnet navette ring, Art Deco onyx flip ring

Photo 2 : Black enamel fleur de lis necklace

Photo 3 : Antique gold filled bangles

Photo 4: Antique mourning jewelry

Gibson Girl Inspired Photoshoot

Gibson Girl, Art By Charles Dana Gibson

Gibson Girl, Art By Charles Dana Gibson

The Gibson Girl was the ideal beauty of the late 1800s into the early 1900s. She was beautiful, independent, and wore her lovely long hair piled on her head. The Gibson Girl is often seen with wide feminine hips, a large bosom, and a narrow neck. Charles Dana Gibson was the original artist of the iconic Gibson Girl.

I’ll tell you how I got what you have called the ‘Gibson Girl.’ I saw her on the streets, I saw her at the theatres, I saw her in the churches. I saw her everywhere and doing everything. I saw her idling on Fifth Avenue and at work behind the counters of the stores... [T]he nation made the type.

The artist portrayed the dignified Gibson Girl as an equal, yet often teasingly dominant to men. His art represented women in different roles than just the traditional, including drawings of scholarly and athletic women.

Drawing by Charles Dana Gibson

Drawing by Charles Dana Gibson

The Gibson Girl imagery we often come across inspired us to create a modern Gibson Girl styled shoot. It couldn't have been more perfect that we have a beautiful red head friend who also happens to love vintage jewelry. The model featured in this shoot has the classic characteristics of a Gibson Girl. The photos turned out fantastic! All of the jewelry worn for the shoot is available in our Etsy shop.

1. 10k Gold Cameo Brooch,
2. Art Nouveau Floral Bangle
3. Gold Filled Cameo Bracelet

1. Simulated Pearl Necklace
2. Genuine Citrine Beaded Necklace
3. Antique Silver Art Nouveau Stick / Hair Pin

1. Antique Marquise Coral Cameo Ring

1. Antique 10k White Gold Filigree Cameo Ring

Antique Gold Filled Seed Pearl & Opal Three Leaf Clover Necklace



Photography: Laura Mae & Amanda Jean
Stylist: Dahlia Jean
Jewelry: Maejean Vintage
Model: Kaitlin Bos

- Marshall, Edward (1910-11-20). "The Gibson Girl Analyzed By Her Originator"The New York Times